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Daze Into Days

This journey has come full circle in a way unimaginable. Of course God knew better than me, imagine that? Ephesians 3:20 as a truth once again. I am realizing it is time to be fully out there with my story and my heart. Tomorrow I will record my abortion story for the first time ever to be spoken to a public arena. Looking through my journal I see how each step He lead me to tell it for what it is today. Thank you God for rescuing me again and again from myself.

I am committing to sharing more of myself on this blog through my very personal writings and poetry that feels literally like sharing my soul for the world to see. It is scary to say the least, my heart feels deep pain for those who hurt and can't find the words to express their sorrow. My prayer is you know you are not alone. We are in this journey together!

Daze Into Days

Drifting has been hard,

I see your wounds the scars.

Treading heavy weight,

Reaching steady for stars.

When your daze has turned

Into days will you know

You've been living with no hope,

Hanging at the end of your rope?

Tossed in murky blue,

Dove in to be renewed

Always coming up dry,

Wanting the kiss of dew.

Your light keeps dimming

While I watch, dreaming.

Light shines on your face,

Marking lines of the race.

Healing from the deep,

Seeds sown to reap.

Silent to speak,

Your shame lies beneath.

Courage is swimming that tide,

Ripping, tumbling through the ride.

Gasping to rise to the surface,

Reflecting therein lies your purpose.

Breathe in strong,

Out a praise of song.

You are washed in pure,

Dark finally has no lure.

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